Hair Coloring Services - HighLights, Ombre, Balayage

Hair Coloring Services

Ready for a new Hair Color look and style? Looking to bring your hair back to life with dazzling color? 

At Avant-Garde Salon and Spa we have Professional Hair Stylist that understand depth and dimension on all types of hair to create a beautiful hair color and application every time applying hair color ideas with the client.

Looking for a unique Balayage hair color style? A Funky Hair Color?

At Avant-Garde our Hair Professionals know the latest hair color trends and styles. Experts at color mixology, our Hair Stylists will create the colors you want. Get the highlights you have wanted, like caramel highlights or get a custom Ombre that fits your complexion. Hair Coloring and Hair Highlights can be applied on short or long hair.


  • Hairline

  • Half Head or Full Head

  • Partial Balayage or Full Balayage

  • Ombre

  • Ombre Balayage




  • (One) Single Process Hair Coloring
  • Full Hair Color Service
  • Inoa (ammonia free) Hair Coloring
  • (One) Single Process Hair Coloring
  • Full Hair Color
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Toner / Shade for Hair


Discover the best hair color for you.

Feeling like you want to try something new with your hair color? Our stylists are all passionate about the art of coloring hair. Whether you want full highlights or just partial highlights, Avant-Garde is the salon to trust if you want your hair colored professionally and treated right.
Or why not our famous Ombre or balayage ?

Hair Color Choices

We use L`oreal, Goldwell, Redken and Schwarzkopf hair coloring products.  Whether looking for Partial Highlights or Full Highlights, if you’re interested in treating yourself with a new look, we can do single process hair colors or can give your head a make-over with a completely new hair color. Just keep in mind, we only recommend hair colors that work to help make you look better and that won’t damage your hair.
If you feel your hair and scalp very sensitive ,with possible allergy we have a solution for you with Inoa permanent colors, ammonia free hair chemicals. 100% Grey hair coverage.

We have Keratin treatments to give your hair that smooth look and Hair Botox, Yuko and CHI to relax and straighten curly and wavy hair.
Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our stylist .

We look forward to adding your new hair color or highlights at Hair Salon located in Coral Gables.

What is a Balayage?

What is a Balayage hair color style?

Balayage hair color is a hair technique initially starting in France, Hairstylists apply hair coloring by a sweeping technique painting on your hair. Rather than using foil like traditional highlights, no foil is used.

The styling effect allows for less needed maintenance since a Balayage does not follow highlighted hair lines like regular highlights.

What is an Ombre?

What is an Ombre hair color style?

Ombre hair color is similar to a Balayage but instead of a sun-kissed highlights look, it is a transition of a lighter hair shade from a darker shade of the color.

Ombre comes from the French word: shadow. Unlike a Balayage, with an Ombre there are no dark pieces of hair or undone areas on the bottom to look more natural, instead the color/shade fully transition between the colors to the ends.

What are Hair Highlights?

What are Hair Highlights?

There are many variations of hair highlights and can be done to lighten your hair or highlight in other colors.

The four basic types of hair highlights are:

  • Foil highlights {Traditional Technique}
  • Hair painting {Like a Balayage or Ombre}
  • Frosting
  • Chunking

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