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Fifty years ago in Paris, the legendary story of Carita began. Today Carita continues to epitomize glamour and sophistication. 

Carita combines the effects of high performance products and treatments  reveal thunique beauty of each woman. It is the Haute Couture of Beauty.


The Exclusive Carita Pro Lift

Carita’s innovative Pro Lift Care machine increases firmness and optimizing the anti-aging process.  This treatment dramatically reshapes, lifts and tones the contour of the face giving a more youthful appearance. Can be added to any other Carita facial service.

Carita Intense Hydrating 

Designed for thirsty skin, this treatment meets the body’s most fundamental need for water. It deeply moisturizes and it corrects the inevitable consequences of dehydration: fragile, taut, dull-looking skin. Helps maintain softness, well-being and a healthy glow. 60 minutes and 90 minutes with the Carita Pro Lift.

Carita Cotton Softness 

This treatment is designed for sensitive skin. It helps strengthen the skin’s resistance to sensitivity while slowing the signs of aging. Calming concentrates and reconstructive ingredients actively recharge the skin for less redness and irritation and more even-toned luminous complexion. 60 minutes and 90 minutes with the Carita Pro Lift.

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 Carita Balancing Purity

Discover the freshness of a matte and pure complexion. Eliminate impurities from the skin while refining its texture by reducing oil and minimizing pores. Rebalance combination and oily skin. 60 minutes and 90 minutes with the Carita Pro Lift.

Carita Anti-Aging and Firming

By providing an instant lift and newfound glow, this one-of-a-kind skincare treatment from Carita - Progressif and Le Rénovateur helps mature skin fight the effects of time and restore beauty. The advanced manual pro-lifting massage techniques optimize the products’ effectiveness, and a specialized micro-masque for eye and lip contours further enhances a youthful appearance. 80 minutes and 105 minutes with Carita Pro Lift.

Carita  24K Gold Facial

An unforgettable experience combining effectiveness, performance and pleasure of the senses to rejuvenate the skin from the very first session. Perfect Gold nectar erases imperfections, fades dark spots, smoothes wrinkles and firms skin with an instant lifting effect. Perfect cream for eyes and lips fills in wrinkles, erases signs of fatigue and increases firmness. The ultimate firming facial. 75 minutes and 105 minutes with Carita Pro Lift.



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