Get Trendy with Tortoiseshell Colored Hair!

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Get ready for the beach ladies!

At Avant-Garde Salon and Spa the hair specialists are always working on the latest trends for local clientele and celebrities. One of this years latest trends is tortoiseshell hair. Tortoiseshell colored hair is sometimes referred to as escaille which incorporates hair color variations of chocolate, blondes and caramels that come together to form a perfect combination of layered hair colors.


By combining these warm colors together, it gives hair a new dimension and depth. Women who already have brown and/or brunette hair can incorporate this hair style with little maintenance after as it blends well with their existing hair roots. As hair continues to grow, this hair color technique works well in keeping an ombre look and feel.


Tortoiseshell Colored HairTortoiseshell Colored HairTortoiseshell Colored Hair

At Avant-Garde the experienced staff can combine and create a multitude of color variations. One of Avant-Garde Salon and Spa main coloring lines is L’Oreal Professional. By combining unique layers of the hair color, women achieve a perfect balance of look that they can carry throughout the summer. When tortoiseshell hair is properly created, it lends itself to evolve more beautifully over time. By bringing together the unique chocolatey and blonde hair tones, it maintains a perfect ombre look as hair grows out, allowing to keep a subtle effect throughout the hair while maintaining a bold effect that everyone will notice and rave about!


The staff at Avant-Garde works with each customer to match the perfect hair colors and incorporate the right amount of colored layers to best fit each persons unique look. Maintaining this great looking hair style is easy. Let the hair specialists at Avant-Garde Salon and Spa teach you how to best maintain and wash your hair to keep the beautiful effects of tortoiseshell hair looking its’ best!


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(Illustrations: Hair by Marcelo and Jota)

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