Hair Balayage Technique

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Avant-Garde Salon and Spa located in Miami in the Heart of Coral Gables is sharing today five different Hair Balayage Techniques.

To bring a little bit of contrast in your hair without having to go through a complicated color, the balayage is a good solution to darken or lighten your natural hair color. This is a technique that is a partial coloration with a difused effect by putting color in a specific area. It can be for any kind of hair color but before you decide to do the balayage you need to choose the technique that will bring the effect that you expect.


Technique #1: Highlight a little by touch illumination. This will show your color but with some little spots of light. We use it regularly to cover the first white hair. On straight hair this balayage technique will give more volume to your hair and on curly hair it will give a little more deepness to your hair.


Technique #2: If your looking for a technique that will look like your hair has a sun-kissed effect with a dark base you are dreaming about the californian surfer hair, then you should choose the tie and dye balayage technique. This gives a very discreet and natural result. This kind of balayage gives the effect of the sun hair discoloration . This is simple and very trendy. This technique is popular in celebrities such as Lea Michele and Drew Barrymore.


Technique #3:  This is the full balayage , the most noticeable so if you really wish to have a makeover for your hair color and you want to bring more than just some contrast to your hair then the full balayage is for you. Example: To warmer up your brunette hair or lighten a blonde or brown hair color that looks to dull , to boost the honey or caramel tone to your hair and to have  brighter , shinier hair  that stands out more.


Technique #4: For the ones who want something more noticeable then the highlight technique is for you. We will be using foils and the contrast will be stronger than with the balayage technique with a big difference between your natural color and the highlight of the hair, it is also a perfect solution for short hair.


Technique #5: If you are looking for more shine like a diamond effect, then the gloss balayage technique  is for you. It will unify your base color by giving it very shiny healthy looking hair. We use a semi permanent color. The balayage done with this technique will be fading after a few shampoos. This is the ideal solution to try a new color without being afraid of the long term results.

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