Fashion Colors 101

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What do freedom of speech, self-expression, and hair all have in common? They are all forms of individuality. We want people to hear our voice, to show the art we can create, and to be different. Breaking away from "normal" to become more of yourself. We are closed in by society, judgements, and the status quo. It takes courage and a true form of self to be willing to express yourself through your hair. We, as hairstylist, are thanking the hair gods for giving us fashion colors and beautiful, strong individuals to rock them. But let's talk HAIR! 

First let's all get over the fear of bleach! Lightener, the way hairstylist will say it, is inevitable when you are desiring fashion colors. Is there a proper way to lighten hair with minimal damage? Yes. Not only does your stylist have to know the proper execution, but products like "Olaplex" has helped tremendously in our battle to healthy fashion colored hair. I recommend strongly that with any lightening or color service, you add on some form of Olaplex treatment!  We all need to understand that keeping the integrity of the hair is crucial in any service being provided. If the hair is significantly damaged, it will not take color properly and it will not hold on to color properly. With that being said, the stylist's at home recommendations are not to be taken lightly!  

Now, let's get down to business $. I have seen countless guests eager to get funky hair but are speechless when given a quote. There needs to be an understanding that not only is it art, but the time and focus that it takes to achieve beautiful color melts is no joke. Hairstylist put in hours to lighten properly and evenly, treat your hair, and design your hair art. Strategically placing and blending hair color. This is more then just highlights, roots to end color, or even balayage. This is all of that, plus the additional process of applying the fashion colors. But like most things in this world, you get what you pay for. 

At Avant Garde we take all things into consideration before, during, and after your visit to the salon. The current condition of your hair, your lifestyle, and your budget. We are realistic, fair and completely aware of the level of skill our hair artists possess. If you want the best, for you and your hair, come in and get it.


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