Bridal Hair and Makeup

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Will you marry me?

The most awaited question for any and every girl (or boy), brings some serious aftermath. The wedding of your dreams or an intimate ceremony can take a year or more to plan! As much as this is your special day, most of the details are more for the guests! The perfect location, the right DJ or band to set the mood, and of course open bar! But as much as those details are important, looking back at your pictures will be what you really cherish. Those pictures are what will hold your memories and what you will show your kids and future family. So, for us here at Avant Garde, Miami, we consider bridal hair and makeup to be the equivilant to life and death. Our standards are set at the hieght of perfection becuase our brides expect/deserve nothing less. We take much pride in the substantial mark we have made in the south florida bridal industry and here I will tell you why.

Lets start with the fundamentals. Foundation! Airbrush has become exceedingly more popular with brides in Miami simply becuase looking cakey or having your face smudge off half way through the night is a huge no no! The biggest benefit of airburshed foundation is, it is silicon based. Silicon foundation will not be abosorbed by your skin becuase the molecules are to big. It sits right on top, giving a flawless and breathable finish (and its water proof!). As a tourist or native floridian, weall know that Miami weather is unpredictable! Airbrushed makeup insures the perfect finish regardless of the humidity! Whats the catch? If applied incorrectly, you can be cakey and blochy throughout your special day. You need an experienced and profesional makeup artist that knows the correct pressure for the machine and the correct application process for silicon based makeup. And the most important tip we can give you for your wedding day, make sure to have your own lipstick! You will be constantly reapplying your lip color and you should not make your artist feel obligated to give away thier product. With any of our five star Miami makeup artists, your face will be on point for every photo, at any angle. 

The most ideal wedding hair would be the one that is most versitile. You want an updo for the ceremony but half down when your ready to party?! Most Miami brides desire a different, more relaxed look for the party and this takes a well trained hairstylst to make this transition with ease. Our hair artists at Avant Garde Salon and Spa, Miami, create stunning up styles that can seemlessly transform into a different look. But do not wait until your wedding day to have your hair done! Consultations are crucial in order to reach perfection. Your idea of your wedding day hair might not be the right or best look for you. Be open to ideas for bridal hair, your artist will know best! 

To make life easier, considering all the planning and details you stress about before the wedding, we have assembled a number of wedding pachages. Wether it is just for you or your entire wedding party. Becuase lets be honest, it might be a bit scary having your bridesmaids doing thier own hair and makeup. Remember, they will be standing at the alter next to you! Last but not least, additional services to consider are nails, facials, and ofcourse hair extensions! At Avant Garde it is our goal and promise, to help you be and feel the most beautiful on your wedding day! For any inquiries please contact us at Avant Garde Salon and Spa! Our contact information and a link to our website is posted below!

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