The 411 on Balayage

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The 411 on Balayage

The balayage trend is sweeping across the nation yet most people are still wondering "What is Balayage?". This mysterious French word that has created so much buzz will be made perfectly clear and all question answered (well, as many as I could think of). But beware, the possibility of you requesting a balayage service at your next hair appointment is extremely likely!

If we are to come to a full understanding of the balayage technique, the only place to start would be at the beginning. All the way back to the 1970's, when highlights would take an innovative turn and never look back. The era was about liberation and expression and it gave birth to this freehand technique we call balayage. We wanted freedom, the kind of freedom that traditional highlights couldn't give us. The demarcation line of grown out highlights would make anyone cringe. As hairstylist, it is our duty to accommodate the guest as much as possible. With balayage we are able to create works of art completely customizable to the guests’ features, with minimum maintenance, and the most natural blend to date. The word itself translates to "sweeping". Which literally is what we do when we balayage!  We paint the highlights wherever our hearts desire them!

What is the big difference between balayage and highlights? Balayage, when done correctly, looks natural and seamless! Have you ever seen a child with highlights made solely by being out in the sun? Balayage strives to create a look similar to sun-kissed hair. We also know that healthy hair is sexy hair. When using foils, you are creating heat, which in turn creates damage. Balayage is foil free! There are lighteners that have been specifically made to not dry out in this open air technique. So you will still lift without all the extra heat! What's even more damaging is the need to retouch your highlights every few weeks. When your hair starts to grow out, the harsh line of regrowth is undeniable. With balayage you can go months without a retouch. The blend grows out looking flawless.

Are you the right candidate for balayage? The strongest advantage of balayage is it can be tailor made. Depending on the undertones of your skin, you can choose the right tone of your balayage. You can also choose the amount you desire. Also, it is important to use color safe, sulfate free shampoo! If you show your hair love, it will love you back! At home care is crucial to keep your balayage looking awesome!

Balayage is where a hairstylist can really shine. Next time you are about to get your hair done, ask your stylist how balayage can benefit you. You can start slow with just a touch of balayage around the crown or now, with your new empowerment of knowledge, go for the whole head! As much as it can be scary, change is always good! Our hairstylists at Avant Garde are specialists when it comes to balayage, each with their own personal touch that can give you your perfect style.


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Raisa Delima:
27/04/2017, 04:57:10 PM,

Wow, it's really neat that you can go months without a touch-up on a hair color if you get balayage done at a salon. I dyed my hair months ago and it's starting to grow out and look unsightly, so something like that would be a great fix for me! I'm not sure if there are many salons in my area that do balayage, though. I will have to look online and find a salon that has good reviews.

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