Integrity vs Momentary Fab

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Integrity vs Momentary Fab

Walking out of the salon is the best confidence boost for any women. We strut with more purpose, determined to take over any obstacle in our way. So why is it that in this new age of self-improvement, we cannot get the salon look at home? Hairstylist can be closely related to magicians and specialized chemists, with all of our tools and years of experience. But we all know our walking billboards and best form of advertisement is YOU. We must invest in each and every one of you to give you a look that perseveres even on your worst days.

The healthier your hair and the more love you show it, the easier it will be to duplicate your salon finished look at home. This all starts with the integrity of your hair. The word integrity itself means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. We, as hairstylists, have an unwritten rule to take the condition of your hair as our number one priority. The simple fact is, if you have damaged or mistreated hair, your look will not go further than the salon doors. If we put you on a schedule, a road to success if you will, please be understanding. All of our hairstylist at Avant Garde want nothing more than people constantly asking you, “Who does your hair!?”. If you want a drastic change or one that could be problematic because of your hair history you will need multiple sessions. We are not thirsty sales people after your money. The look of blonde, full healthy hair would be chosen over blonde fried hair, even if it takes a few more months.

The world we live in today is one of instant gratification. We want things right here, right now. Sadly, great hair goals take time. That complete transformation after a breakup will be posts of session 1, session 2, and maybe even session 3! Delicious, Victoria secret hair takes a lot of t.l.c and patience on the clients end. The trick is, to find a hair artist that through each session on the journey to your hair goal, you look fabulous. At Avant Garde you will never have to worry. Ask all your questions and concerns because it makes you the perfect student and us, your hairstylist, the perfect guide and mentor. With healthy, loved hair the style you want to achieve will be much more attainable. 

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