Don’t want regrets? Here what you consider before getting a new hair look

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Before you get into a decision to change your hairstyle, you need to consult your hairdresser because you not only have to considerer your face shape, or style  you need to be sure that this new look is appropriate for you type of hair and your lifestyle. This because while a new hairstyle can invigorate your look, sometimes the big change you were going for just doesn't work out as planned.

“For the ultimate way to really get a hairstyle that is right for you then you should also consider your hair characteristics”, began explaining Epy Joel, a very well-known celebrities’ make-up artist and hairstylist from Avant-Garde Salon & Spa in Miami

This is very important, some of the hairstyling mishaps that can happen when you make a big hairstyle change are: getting the wrong type of haircut, a hair color that looks disastrous, or bangs that make you look way too old, among others.

To avoid disappointment and having to grow out a hair disaster, Epy Joel gave us this suggestion to be consider before getting a hairstyle change:


  • Your new hairstyle should always match your face shape. Your hairstylist can help you with this.

  • You should also consider your hair characteristics. Your natural hair texture and density play a big role in whether you can pull off a certain length, style and hair texture, so ask your hairstylist to assess your hair in person and offer advice about what will and won’t work for you. The condition of your hair and the way it moves and will sit after a haircut also counts when it comes to how successful your new look will be.

  • Remember that when looking for a new hairdo that changes your hair length this also makes changes to your hair styling time and requirements.

  • If you’re changing to a hairstyle that requires upkeep, such as a look with bangs or a short crop hairstyle that requires you to mold your look into shape each morning, then make sure you are willing and able to put in the effort. If you’re not, go for a new look that is all about low maintenance hair.

  • Have in mind that you might need specific hair products of your new hair styling. A new look may need all new products or you may need to add to your range to achieve your new look. Consider this and whether the on-going costs of the products is something you can afford.

  • Don’t forget about your hair color. If your long hair looks great with highlights and then you go for a sleek bob hairstyle which suits a solid hair color better, it's also time to reconsider your hair color

  • If you are using this hairstyle change as a kick-start to looking after your hair because the ends of your hair are ratty or your hair is damaged then don’t fall back into bad hair care habits once you get your new hairdo. I recommend my clients to make sure to use the right shampoo and conditioners, stock up on heat protection products if you’re a big fan of heat styling, and apply a hair treatment or hair mask regularly. One treatment once a month is great for basic hair care. For the ultimate care give weekly treatments. Here in Avant- Garde Salon we use the best hair treatments for every type of hair necessities..

  • Another thing that people usually forget is that, if you change your hair color you need to explore new make-up combinations also.  Be aware that a change in hair length and hair color may impact on your make-up. A short crop that suddenly shows off and draws attention to your eyes or great cheekbones may require you to upgrade your eye shadow, mascara and blush. Whereas a completely new hair color, especially if it’s a big hair color change, may mean that you have to buy all new make-up colors to highlight and enhance your new look and avoiding any color clashes.

  • Keep in mind that bangs are a great way to update your look, but they do require styling effort, especially if you choose full, blunt cut bangs. Always select bangs that will suit your face shape and hair type for styling that is as fuss-free as possible.


With these rules in mind you should be able to choose a hairstyle change that is going to work for you. But I definitely recommend to visit Avant-Garde Salon & Spa at 155 Miracle Miles Miami, FL or call for an appointment 305-442-8136, their hairstylists are experts in getting the best of your beauty out.

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