5 Tricks for Fuller Lips

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5 Tricks for Fuller Lips

While many of us covet full lips like, it’s just not in the cards (unless we turn to fillers). Instead of going down the injection route, try these tips to help you fake bigger lips.


1. Exfoliate

To give your lips a quick plump, use a damp toothbrush or dry washcloth to slough off dead skin and cells. This will boost your kisser temporarily and make your lips softer, too.


2. Line Right

Antonia Rutherford suggests using liner to create the look of bigger lips. “Line lips with a color as close to your lipstick shade as possible to create the desired lip shape,” she says. “You can slightly overdraw for a fuller pout, just be sure to fill in the rest of the lips with the liner.”


3. Find Your Color

Stick with shades close in tone to your natural lips, Rutherford says. “Overdrawing is not the time to experiment with bold colors,” she warns.


4. Go Matte

According to Antonia, matte formulas are better for creating the appearance of a fuller pout. But, if you’re addicted to the glossy stuff, make sure to concentrate the shine to just the center of your lips, she says.


5. Try a Gentle Treatment

While lip venoms can work to plump your pout, most of them are also rather uncomfortable on your skin. For a boosting treatment that won’t leave your lips stinging, some that contains cinnamon and coconut essential oils that stimulate cell circulation for bigger, smooth lips. The product is applied via a cooling, ceramic rollerball that creates micro-circulation, leaving lips fuller.


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