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Hair Coloring Services

Hair Coloring Services

Discover the best hair color for you!

Feeling like you want to try something new with your hair color?

Our stylists are all passionate about the art of coloring hair.

Whether you want full highlights or just partial highlights, Avant-Garde is the salon to trust if you want your hair colored professionally if you live in Coral Gables or nearby neighborhoods like Brickell, South Miami and Kendall, FL.

Want to Have that Amazing Blonde Color? Or a Dazzling Red? 

If you’re interested in a new look for summer we can do single process or we can make you over with new hair color. Just keep in mind, we only recommend hair colors that work to help make you look better and that won’t damage your hair.

Understanding the Different Types of Hair highlights

There are four types of hair highlights: foil highlights, hair painting, frosting, and chunking.

  • Foil Highlights for hair uses a process using aluminum foil to separate strands allowing specific strands of hair to be lightened while maintaining the natural hair color
  • Hair Painting entails painting the hair using brushes and special combs to paint the highlights like a piece of art. Balayage is a type of hair painting creating subtle highlights for more natural looking hairstyle. Another type of hair painting consists of painting spots of hair to create a print effect by first giving it highlights and then re-coloring with a darker hair color tone giving it a funky hair style looking effect.
  • Frosting sometimes referred to as frosted hair-ends, consists of lightening the tips of the hair.
  • Chunking Highlights, is for people looking for much thicker highlights than a standard highlights. Chunky highlights have a broader variety of bold colors as well as created colors, allowing better contrast effect on the hair, rather than subtle texture, as thinner highlights.
Avant-Garde are salon experts in creating beautiful balayageombre and unique hair coloring designs. Whether you have black hair, red hair or brown hair, we can help you decide and apply highlights perfectly. Let us treat your hair with Olaplex hair treatments when getting Ombre highlights or other hair coloring treatment applied for healthier, more beautiful hair look.

Understanding Changing the Color of Your Hair

If you are looking to cover gray hair, looking for fashion change, or looking to get back your original hair color.

Get a new look by getting a hair perm or hair coloring in Coral Gables beauty salon!

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(One) Single Process Hair Color for Women

Single process hair color is when a new color is applied all over the hair creating a new base color..


Camouflage Chemical Hair Treatment for Men

The Camouflage chemical hair treatment is a process that gives a natural blending look to men's grey..


Full Color Roots‎ for Women

Full color roots‎ for women. Includes coloring hair from roots-to-ends...


Full Hair Highlights

Full hair highlights applied by professional salon staff...


Full Head Balayage

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Inoa Full Color Hair Treatment

With today’s trend of ever changing hair color, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest colori..


Inoa One Process Hair Color Chemical Treatment

Professional services includes application of Inoa One Process (Ammonia free real color) hair chemic..


OlaPlex - Hair Treatment

OlaPlex - Go Blonder...With OlaPlex, you can push the envelope further without compromising the in..


Ombre Hair

Ombre hair highlights technique. Ombre is a hair coloring process where the roots through the mid-sh..


Ombre Highlights Using Balayage

Ombre highlights using balayage technique. Balayage is a freehand coloring technique where the highl..


Partial Head Balayage

Partial head balayage hair highlights include highlight coverage through part of the hair. Balayage ..


Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Application of custom hair shades or hair toner with semi-permanent color...


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