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AirTouch Hair Color Technique


What is the AirTouch Hair Color Technique and why all the talking about it?


Here is how the AirTouch Hair Color Technique works ...

By now, everybody has seen the AirTouch technique on Instagram…


If you are one of the few that didn’t, this is the story:

Russian colorist, Vladimir Sarbashev, created a hair coloring blow dry and foil method blending blonde(s) allowing easier touch-up applications. This revolutionary blonde blending technique is changing the hair color lighting game.


There is a huge difference when choosing Airtouch technique, foil highlights or balayage technique. 


The sectioning is diagonal and we use a blow dryer to separate the hair strands that are held tight in sections, giving a lightning effect in the foil on the remaining hair . 
It creates this incredible progressive hair lightening effect. 

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AirTouch Hair Technique | Before and After by Avant Garde Salon and Spa