Salon is Now Open!

Posted by Avant-Garde Salon and Spa 19/05/2020 132 Comment(s) Hair Salon Services,Skin Care Services,Beauty Services,Nail Spa Services,

Avant-garde Salon and Spa has reopened and now taking appointments!

We are focusing on the safety of clients and employees. 

Ensuring your safety by: 
-Strict PPE protection Mask for Clients and Stylists at all times.
-Mask shields for all employees 
-Acrylic barriers at the front and Manicure station.
-Decrease clients to guarantee 6 feet distance between clients. 
-Strict decontamination Protocols before and after each client with 15 min between each client for cleaning and disinfection of the stylist or nails technician stations with UV lamp and disinfectants approved for use against Cove-19 and SARS.
-Gloves at all time for employees 
-Hands sanitizer available 
-No waiting time inside the Salon, clients will wait inside their car or outside and will be contacted by Text when ready for a client. 
-No double booking 
-Temperature check upon arrival for clients and employees 
-Entrance authorized only by the front door 
-Hair treatments only at the stylist station.
-No changing room, your stylist will bring you the robe to protect clothes directly at their station, please consider wearing old tee-shirts to avoid stains on your clothes. 
-Only 1 purse allowed, no shopping bags 
-No group appointment. 
-Retail Area only accessible through stylists or employees with gloves to avoid contamination.
 -2 private rooms for vulnerable clients upon request
-Special schedule with appointments early as 7am and as late as 10pm.
-No walk-ins.
-Virtual consultation 
-Employees Barbicide COVE-19 certification