What is an Ombre and What are Ombre Highlights?

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What is an Ombre and What are Ombre Highlights?


Ombre hair is a hair styling color trend that looks to stay around for a while.


Ombre highlights is simply another way to call an Ombre hair coloring style. Ombre hair color styles start as dark roots fading into a lighter shade towards the ends of the hair. Ombre is a hair color technique where the ends of the hair are going be affected. When transitioning from the hair roots to the light ends, the transition will be short. In French "Ombre" means "color that is shaded or graduated in tone".


Ombre hair has a particular technique that is usually best to let a hair color professional to do. An Ombre hair style also entails a bit of hair painting, thus going back to the beginning statement. Ombre hair and Ombre Highlights are really no different, given an end result of an Ombre hair style was created and styled by the customers input and recommendation from the hair colorist. In the end, the final look will be a unique creation by the hair stylist, unique to the person getting it done.

To not confuse you, it should be noted in today’s hair styling and fashion world, customers are always seeking a new look, a new trend, etc. In today’s high end hair salons, their staffs boast of talent. Each styling professional finding their niche on the perfect hair creations. When you go into a hair salon you may be asking for highlights, however, you may be really asking for a Foilyage, a balayage or balayage Ombre hair styling and ultimately what you dream of having is sometime a combination of hair coloring techniques.


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An Ombre is a gradual color transition from dark to light. Ombre highlights are a type of lightening techniques that is often used in hair styling.

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