Leonela - Permanent Makeup, Lash Extensions

We’d like to introduce you to Leonela.

She is the esthetician that handles Permanent Makeup application at Avant-Garde. A great service for women who cannot use traditional makeup.

She studied in Columbia since 1985 and learned most of her techniques there. Then, she went to New York in 1999 where she further perfected permanent makeup application, nail care and waxing. She recently moved to Miami and has been with Avant-Garde for a year.

Leonela says that she likes to do her job as if she was the person receiving the service. So that means, she’s a perfectionist. She does her work with a lot of love. Her work has been featured on several television segments featuring eyelash extensions, manicures and pedicures. She likes working at Avant-Garde because of the working atmosphere and all the staff are very professional and she likes being around talented people.
Leonela is honest and transparent and takes her work very seriously. She keeps herself educated by going to industry trade shows and reading trade publications.

If you’re considering permanent makeup, or a new nail technician or someone new to handle your waxing needs, you should consider Leonela. You’ll love how your makeup, hands and/or feet are going to look. Please give our salon a call to schedule a consultation to discuss any questions you have about permanent makeup.  

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