Makeup Tips

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Our makeup artist are always giving customers makeup tips how how to apply makeup easier as well as the best types of makeup to use based on skin, color, dryness or other makeup related questions.

Visit the Avant Garde Salon and Spa YouTube page to watch videos on Makeup application, Makeup use, Makeup How-Tos and more!

Our professional salon makeup experts show you some great techniques and tricks for makeup application!


Search through the Avant Garde Salon and Spa site to find unique styles!

Visit our salon to talk to a makeup specialist and learn more makeup tips.


Face Makeup Artistry

False Eye Lashes Application:     $25+
Bride Makeup:     $100+
Makeup Application:     $150


Facial Eyelash


Eye Lash Tint:     $45
Eye Lash Curl:     $65

Lashes Tint & Curl:




Lashes Extensions Black: