Marcelo - Hair Stylist

Marcelo is a Professional hair colorist and hairstylist with over 20 years of experience!

Recognized by many as one of the best Master Hair Stylists and Hair Color Master

If you are looking for a balayage, ombre, funky color or dimensional color transformation, schedule your next appointment with Marcelo.

Aside from being an expert hair colorist, Marcelo is a certified hair extensions specialist.

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Marcelo is a Great Lengths hair extension certified hair specialist.

He bonds hair strands one by one using cold fusion technique to apply hair extensions. Shears, clippers and razors are Marcelo's hair designing tools of choice. He works as one with his hair tools to create diverse styles from long layered natural flowing hair styles, to short precision haircuts.

With his diverse knowledge of hair, Marcelo knows a vast selection of products and techniques to give expert advise. His knowledge also helps him to work on any kind of hair. Marcelo enjoys touching people's lives using his passion and knowledge for beauty and using his tools to help people improve their image, self-esteem and confidence.

See Marcelo's hair styling work on Instagram

Recognized by many as one of the best Master Hait Stylists and Hair Color Master

A little history on Marcelo...

Marcelo originally came from one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world.

This native from Buenos Aires, Argentina got the opportunity to work with experts in the beauty industry by taking advantage of his roots. He comes from a family of well-respected hairstylists. Marcelo came to know salons at a very early age. He was mentored and inspired by first level hair masters. As time passed, Marcelo felt the need for a change, a challenge, a move that would keep his edge.

He opened and managed his own salon for 6 years, in one of the busiest commercial areas of Buenos Aires! Becoming an exclusive Kerastase salon.

Marcelo was then hired in the United States and decided to make the jump and move. He worked in different high-end salons and then decided to open his own Salon in Kendall, FL. After 5 years of success, due to a personal family situation, Marcelo decided to sell his salon and make the move to Coral Gables, to join the Avant Garde Salon and Spa team in 2013.

Marcelo is recognized in South Florida, as one of the best certified hair extention specialist.

Throughout his career, Marcelo was able to attend diverse beauty and hair seminars given by top European stylists to keep learning and perfecting his art of hair. With undoubted passion combined with years of experience, we recommend that you make your next appointment with Marcelo.

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