Yasel ‘Yaz’ Acosta - Hair Stylist

Yaz is a hair color specialist that does amazing work on women with long hair.

If you’re looking for a new stylist, here’s why you might want to consider Yaz. When you look at his eyes as he is doing your hair, you’ll see his passion for hair.

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He loves to make recommendations during your initial hair consultation – unless of course you have a certain look you’re going for, but even then, Yaz will try to help you improve that! He feels a Stylist should share different perspectives with their clients because your hair is such an important element in your overall appearance.

Yaz has been a Stylist for over fifteen years and he’s always happy, fashion forward and focused. He is a major contributor for Avant-Garde since we provide hair and makeup services for several Univision programs. Yaz is part of the team that makes those women look so gorgeous on your television. Definitely noteworthy if you’re thinking about getting your hair done with Yaz.

He attends hair shows on a yearly basis to stay current with styling techniques and new hair products. Yaz loves watching YouTube for its capability to provide a vast amount of knowledge for hair color and styles. Even on his downtime, he is thinking and breathing hair!