Joseph Herrera Salon Hair stylist

Meet Joseph Herrera! Joseph is a Hair Stylist at our Salon.

If you’re looking for a new stylist, here’s why you might want to consider Joseph… he’s been with Avant-Garde for 23 years. He specializes in hair color and hair cuts. He has an extensive client list and sources most, if not all, of his new clients from word-of-mouth.

“Ifyou want the truth, come to me because I’ll always give you a truthful answer.I think you need to be straight with a client and be upfront because it’s theirlook we’re talking about.”

 Joseph’swork has been published in Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, Photo Magazine.Previously, he lived in Paris and Milan where he was a free-lance stylist.

Josephstyles many local news anchors and is very experienced so if you’re looking tohave someone correct the work from a stylist at another salon, Joseph is yourguy.

He prefersGoldwell products and has been using them for over 26 years, so we think hemight know a thing or two about mixing their color products.

To keephimself current, he attends shows from around the world because he believesthat different influences come from different countries and “we shouldn’tget trapped in a regional state of mind.”  As a result, Josephtries to travel 6-7 times a year.

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